DTB provides the most reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate business credit reports prepared by its qualified and experienced business analysts.

DTB’s Credit Reports are affordable, easy-to-understand, fresh and high quality comprehensive reports giving you access to all of the information you require to make informed business decisions.

DTB Dis Ticaret Bilgi Merkezi gathers the most comprehensive and daily information and provides in-depth credit reports giving a correct insight into the company’s payment capability. Our solutions help creditors to make business decisions with confidence, depending on the trustworthy credit reports of DTB.

What confirms our competence as a business information agency is the list of our clients: Many of the world’s largest export credit insurance agencies, information agencies, embassies and financial institutions rely on our business reports to minimize their risks.

DTB measures the risk for you better than anyone.

Business Information Reports On Companies In Turkey

DTB Dis Ticaret Bilgi Merkezi was founded in 1996 and it is the leading business information agency of Turkey. We provide freshly investigated and in-depth credit reports on companies in Turkey and Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic.

With our expertise in advanced analytics we provide financial information, analytical solutions, and business information services to financial institutions.

International Business Information Reports

International Business Information Reports

Carry out risk-free transactions with your business partners using the best credit information reports of DTB on any entity worldwide over 190 countries.

We prepare credit information report on companies in Turkey by our own experienced and well-skilled team. We provide international credit information reports by our numerous contacts throughout the world which are generally the local business information agencies and market leaders in their country.