Business Information Reports On Companies In Turkey

DTB Dis Ticaret Bilgi Merkezi was founded in 1996 and it is the leading business information agency of Turkey. We provide freshly investigated and in-depth credit reports on companies in Turkey and Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic. With our expertise in advanced analytics we provide financial information, analytical solutions, and business information services to financial institutions.

By using our commercial information reports, credit grantors foresee the risks and improve the financial performance of their credit lending operations.

Credit insurance agencies, banks, globally known financial institutions, trade organizations, embassies utilize our accurate reports to minimize credit risks. Our business information report is a benchmark for creditworthiness for quarter of a century.

DTB Dis Ticaret Bilgi Merkezi and its dedicated team strive to gather the most comprehensive and daily information and provide in-depth credit reports giving a correct insight into the company’s payment capability. Our solutions help creditors to make business decisions with confidence, depending on the trustworthy credit reports of DTB.

As a business information agency we have an extensive database on firms but upon each inquiry we re-make fresh investigation.

To assess the creditworthiness of a company, we contact with all available official and non-official sources in Turkey as well as making a direct interview with the subject company itself.

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Our reports are up-to-date, accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-understand.

Our main service principals are as follows:

  1. Fresh Information
  2. Comprehensive Coverage
  3. In-depth analysis and comments
  4. Accuracy
  5. Timeliness
  6. Quality
  7. Rapid response to client needs

Get the best quality company and financial information with the shortest delivery period

Our reports provide unparalleled credit insight through the comprehensive and differentiated data that we manage.

Our main principle is to provide professional business information reports with objectivity, diligence and honesty.

It is not a coincidence that, our clients have always been able to foresee the risks before others, and improve the financial performance of their credit lending operations accordingly. This success is a result of our efficient data collection, data processing and data analysis processes and experience of quarter of a century .

References: Our reports are accepted as the unique source of credit lending decisions of our impressive portfolio of international clients such as export credit agencies, credit insurance companies, globally known financial institutions, trade organizations, embassies... For details please contact us.

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